Debbie Thompson – Leadership Coach


How did you get to be a Leadership Coach?

Debbie Thompson

Let me tell you about what brought me to where I am today, coaching managers, leaders and business owners on how to get the best from themselves and from their teams.

I was working in my corporate job in Sydney and was looking after four different departments. I had deep expertise in one of those departments, in another one I was somewhat knowledgeable, and for the other two I had no expertise at all.

While trying to build up my technical knowledge in the three departments I didn’t have deep knowledge in, I was regularly feeling frustrated because it seemed like there was just too much to learn. After a lot of struggle, I finally realised that the best thing I could do for my direct reports, the senior managers of each department, was to help them become the leaders that their teams needed.

At that very moment, I made a commitment to immerse myself in absolutely everything that had to do with leadership and coaching. I read every book on productivity, teamwork and coaching I could get my hands on. I undertook coaching study and became a certified coach as well as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I essentially decided to become a mini-expert on how to coach my direct reports on leadership.

During this process, I had an epiphany! The thing that I enjoyed MOST about my work was actually the leadership development, and watching my teams go from strength to strength.

Soon, some of my peers were asking me if I could “spend some time” with their managers to help them make better decisions, keep their cool, and handle difficult staff members.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other managers, leaders and business owners develop their leadership potential through my coaching and training programs.

And that’s how GroupABILITY was born.

More about Debbie

Debbie is a certified coach and NLP practitioner with over 14 years of experience in the corporate world as a manager and leader. She has a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts, Honours English, both from the University of Ottawa in Canada.