Before the coaching started I felt directionless and powerless. I felt that I had no control over my life direction, and that even my time was not my own. I was stressed out, and stuck in a routine that no one seemed to gain any benefit from, and this made me quite miserable.

Deb was clued in from day one and seemed to know exactly where to direct the sessions, in a way that felt like a natural organic conversation. I feel I have broken a cycle of behaviour that may have been leading me on the slippery slope to greater stress and depression, and leading me to beat upon myself.

I’m looking forward to new experiences, and not feeling selfish about taking a day ‘off’ to experience new things. Having an independent, non-judgemental third party to talk to really helped to put things into perspective, and provided suggestions and strategies that I was just too blinkered and too close to my own situations to see clearly. I didn’t really have anyone else with an appropriate distance from my situation that could provide objective assistance.

The journey was challenging, then ultimately extremely rewarding!

Susannah H, Melbourne