Debbie offers one-on-one coaching for select clients.

If you’ve achieved any sort of significant change in your life or career to date, you’ll already know that knowledge by itself isn’t enough. When you can build the courage and capability to take action in the midst of uncertainty, that’s when amazing transformation can take place.

Lock in the advantage that leadership coaching gives you and become the confident, credible leader you’re looking to be, faster and easier. Get feedback and support that’s customised to your situation, your experience, and the specific actions that will get you the level of leadership you aspire to.

Mastering Self-Leadership

Take your technical skills and add what really makes a difference so you can bring the best of you to work, every day.

  • Understand your strengths, motivators and development areas.
  • Discover the habits that are holding you back and get rid of them, once and for all.
  • Build a framework that supports your personal productivity and your on-the-job satisfaction.

Expertise with Impact

Make your mark as you translate your skills and experience into confident collaboration and meaningful contribution.

  • Increase your ability to communicate in a way that makes people sit up and take notice.
  • Bring together your experience and technical know-how in a way that makes it more accessible to others.
  • Build your reputation as the expert who people enjoy working with in order to get results.

Leadership Leverage

Be the leader, whether you´ve got the title or not, and leverage the expertise of others while adapting to the inevitable changes in your life at work.

  • Make more decisions, faster.
  • Hone your people management toolkit to build your influence, hold people accountable, and handle conflict with cool confidence.
  • Build your charisma and be a leader in any room you walk into, in a way that fits in your personality and profile.