My Leadership Manifesto

This is my Leadership Manifesto.

Leaders are everywhere.

Maybe they have a job. Maybe they have a business. Maybe they have a CALLING or a PASSION.  Or maybe not.

They struggle, push through, and try to make things happen. And as a result they GROW. They take advice. They take on role models. And soon they learn something.

Something that’s kind of deep.

They learn that leadership isn’t about BEING someone else. It’s actually about BEING even more you. Being the BEST of you.

Because there isn’t only one type of leader.  There are many types of leaders.

Including your type. The leader you already are.

And the best thing you can do, for you, and for the people you lead, is to get really clear on who that leader is.  Who you are when the best of you shows up. And be that leader.

It’s not easy.

But leaders don’t just do the easy stuff. There are people who won’t like it when you lead in the way that is true to you. They’ll want you to fit into a mould of what they think a leader is.

But you’ll make your own mould. Because no matter what anyone else says, real leadership starts with you. Who you are; what you believe; and what you choose to do.

That doesn’t mean you stay in your comfort zone.  It doesn’t mean you can’t DO other ways of leading when they’re the right approach.

It doesn’t mean you stop learning or trying new things. In fact, it often means you do more of that, so you learn more about you, and what you’re truly capable of.

But it does mean YOU know YOU.

It means you LIKE you. And you’re prepared to go against the grain when you need to. Because you’re a leader.

So what do you say?

Are you READY?

Is today the day that you say YES! to you as a leader?

YES.  I am a leader. And I’m ready to lead the best way I can. The way that’s right for me. As a person. And as a leader.

If you don’t feel ready, yet … that’s cool. I’ll be hanging around for when you are. Because I believe in you. Probably more than you believe in yourself.

If you ARE ready, bring it on!

I’m here for you. I’m ready to be your leadership champion. To guide you. To help you. To build your confidence. And your knowledge.

You might be nervous. I kinda like that.  It means you care. It means this is important to you. It means you’re ready for the next step.

I look forward to helping you discover you. As the leader you are. I would be honoured.

Because championing leaders like you is how I lead.


Take best care,



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