Case Study – Affinity Insurance Services

Making the Most of Your Team‘s Skills

Affinity Insurance Services is a family owned insurance broking firm offering a wide range of insurance products to corporate, industrial and professional businesses. Jacob Ross, Director, was expanding and restructuring the firm to capitalise on its geographical and industry diversity. He knew that it was imperative to ensure that every member of staff was in the role that best fit their skills.

Recognising that expertise was necessary to get this 100% right, Jacob called on Debbie Thompson from Groupability for advice. Debbie conducted an Extended DISC® Analysis which gave a unique insight into each person‘s work and leadership style. This resulted in multiple benefits to the business.

‘Firstly, following Debbie‘s advice, we were able to plan a clear strategic direction,’ said Jacob. ‘What started off as six different staffing options crystallised into one cohesive plan. Secondly, communication internally has become much more effective as we know how to get the best out of each other in our interactions. Finally, by distributing the work to those who have the capacity and natural talent for each task, there were great efficiency improvements. Consequently, we have improved our turnaround times and responsiveness to clients, with capacity for further growth.’

Debbie agrees with Jacob‘s summary: ‘Even when we think we know our staff‘s skill sets, their true strengths are not always evident in their current role. When teams know what makes each other tick, the whole business enjoys improvements in communication, staff morale and efficiency. In my experience over many years, this is true of both small and large teams.’

Jacob reflected on working with Debbie: ‘She puts people at ease with her genuine interest and listening skills. Her expertise is evident and I know my time is better spent getting clients the best insurance options instead of dealing with internal matters. The benefits we received represented real value for money and I‘d highly recommend Groupability to any business that wants to use workplace behaviour knowledge to get more from their team.’

Affinity Insurance Services