When Deb was first recommended to me, I thought I had already tried everything in my search for direction. I was feeling completely aimless – juggling a part time job, a fledgling business, and a toddler – all this and I was still not sure about what I ultimately wanted to achieve.

My weekly calls with Deb were more like chatting with a friend. She has an exceptional gift for listening and drawing out the best in people. Deb didn´t “teach” me to do anything differently, she guided me (firmly but gently!) to places where I could discover powerful skills I already had within myself.

Deb changed my outlook, my confidence, even my vocabulary, and helped me to acknowledge the things that I wanted in my life but was too scared to admit even to myself.

After our time together I have clear goals and a solid pathway towards achieving them. I am no longer satisfied with “survival” as my standard of living, and instead I am striving for “exceptional” with joy.

Thank you Deb!

Catherine L, Melbourne