Before getting coached I was feeling like I should be doing something to make my life better, especially job-wise. I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t made a successful career.  The more I thought about things, the more confused I became, probably due to focusing on what I didn’t want.

Through some practical tools that work (eg. anchoring, seeing others and self as more equal through “swapping chairs”), being shown a different way of looking at things and daring to imagine what it would look/feel like if things were how I want them to be, I now have a new perspective which makes life more workable.

Deb was gentle but persistent and relentlessly positive (which is what I needed!).  The coaching sessions were challenging, testing, difficult, demanding, tough and exciting.  My being heard & understood, which led to Deb making appropriate suggestions and to building the trust & respect needed for me to be open to those suggestions, helped me get my results.

What’s made the biggest difference for me is approaching things with curiosity rather than trying to find courage.  I am experiencing the feeling of hope for the first time in a long time.

Lucy H, Sydney